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BMW 320i

Year End Sales Event

Holiday road trips provide some of the greatest memories we have, especially when it’s in the safety and comfort of a road hugging BMW. It has never been a better time to get into a new BMW than right now. Don’t miss the exciting events we have going on, where you can drive away in […]

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Ways to say Merry Christmas

12 Ways to Say “Merry Christmas”

Impress your guests this year with 12 ways to say, “Merry Christmas”. 1. Danish Glaedelig Jul (glaedh-er-lee yool) 2. Dutch Vrolijke Kerst (fro-al-ik-er kehrst) 3. Finnish Hyvää Joulua (hew-vae yoa-looah) 4. German Frohe Weihnachten (fro-uh vai-nachk-ten) 5. Greek Kala Christouyenna (ka-la khree-stoo-ye-na) 6. Icelandic Gledileg Jól (gleoi-leg johl) 7. Italian Buon Natale (bwohn na-tah-lay) 8. […]

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