40 Years of the 3 Series

3 Series 40 yearsIt all started 40 years ago at the Frankfurt Motor Show when BMW debuted the very first 3 Series, called the E21. It was an instant winner and has remained on top for decades. Today, one out of every four new BMW’s sold globally is a 3 Series.

A Visual History of the 3 Series

bmw-E21-3-Series  The E21 (1975-1982) was a known for its simplicity. There was no tachometer and no A/C. Back in the day, this BMW provided a great driving experience.

bmw-E30-3-Series The E30 (1982-1991) made a huge leap during this generation. There were comforts added like better seats and air conditioning. There was also more technology like power steering and electronic Check Control System.

bmw-E36-3-Series  The E36 (1991-1998) continued to advance in terms of luxuries and technology. The Check Control System became more advanced and the seats more comfortable. It also grew in size.

bmw-E46-3-Series The E46 (1998-2005) was said to be better put together. The exterior styling was highly favored and the ride was said to be superior. An excellent machine.

e90_1 The E90 (2005-2015) is a good car, it’s fast and handles well. The E90 has a modern look and is safer, roomier and bigger- everything you could ask for in a BMW.

Peterson BMW of Boise

Over 40 year’s ago Marvin “Mr. P” Peterson signed on the dotted line to bring BMW to Boise. Today, we are one of the fastest growing BMW dealerships in the country and recently just won BMW’s Center of Excellence award for Customer service and satisfaction. Come by and see us today or visit us online at www.petersonbmw.com.



photo credit: BMW Blog


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