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Most people dread their visit to a dealership, just as much as going to the dentist. Among the most common complaints are the time it takes to buy a car and get a car fixed, as well as the amount of money that it requires to service and repair a car. For over 80 years we have continuously looked for opportunities to better serve our customers, our employees, and all of our families. With this mission of exceptional service and value to our stakeholders, we are excited to introduce our newest addition to Peterson Auto Group, Peterson Insurance Services!

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Peterson Insurance Services is a full-service, in-house Allstate agency. Our new endeavor is the 5th Allstate in the nation to provide customers an opportunity to get a second opinion on their insurance coverage while at the dealership, and in many cases an opportunity to save hundreds of dollars!

In addition to selling, servicing, and fixing new and used vehicle, we now have the capacity to insure them as well! We believe this opportunity is a perfect complement to our existing operation, providing our customers additional value to conduct business with us. As a full service insurance agency we have the capacity to provide insurance coverage for our customer’s automobiles, homes, life, commercial and financial needs.

Our process is very simple and painless. We offer every customer who comes to get their car serviced, and every new customer buying a vehicle, a chance to get a complimentary, no-obligation quote. We do not have a 2 hour sales presentation on why a customer should switch their insurance. In most cases, we prepare a quote while a customer is having their car serviced or signing paperwork for a new vehicle. The quote is complete when they are ready to leave. After a customer has gone home and had a chance to compare it to their current coverage we follow up a day or two later to see if our proposition is better for the customer.

So far our customers LOVE our addition! The reason is, we either are able to save them a TON of money for better coverage, or we are able to validate that their current coverage is adequate with a 2nd opinion. Our customers have NOTHING to lose and possibly hundreds of dollars to save! In effect, we are able to make good use of the customers time that they feel is wasted while waiting. And many times able to find savings on money they have to spend anyway, which makes a repair bill easier to manage!

Our Allstate office is at Peterson BMW of Boise located at 9109 W. Fairview Ave. in Boise, Idaho.  Please come in or call us at 208.378.9050 for a complimentary, no obligation quote today!

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