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You and your BMW are at the start of a great journey.  It’s now time to think about the places you will take your BMW.  This is your time to really express your style, your needs and your life.  The best way to start is with  BMW Accessories where BMW has designed, tested and given their highest approval of quality and performance.

Peterson BMW of Boise has been the leading source of  BMW parts and accessories in Idaho for over 40 years.  Peterson BMW offers BMW tuning, BMW performance parts and BMW upgrades for all BMW’s. From OEM BMW parts, BMW brake kits, BMW suspension upgrades, BMW performance chips and BMW software,  Peterson BMW of Boise does it all!

Peterson BMW is dedicated in providing you with the best quality performance parts and accessories for your  BMW.   Our experienced technicians specialize in the installation of BMW  performance accessories and car upgrades.   Click here  for more information, including scheduling, available accessories, parts  and our hours of operation.

The Exterior Design

Let’s be real, you weren’t attracted to your  BMW because of it’s refined style.  There was something more…something deeper,  you wanted the pure exhilaration you can only get from BMW original accessories such as aerodynamic kits, spoilers, carbon fiber accessories and custom wheels.  Performance accessories from Peterson BMW are made to fuel that inner fire.  Inspired  and exclusively designed straight from the race track these performance accessories are designed to fit like a glove when installed at Peterson BMW of Boise.


Exhilaration comes in all forms from cross-country drives to mountain biking and skiing.  Whatever adventure you choose Original BMW Accessories offer the storage options to get you where you are going.  Peterson BMW of Boise offers dedicated racks to provide secure transport to accommodate a variety of outdoor activities.


For many BMW owners, there is no better place then behind the wheel of their BMW.  For those who have long commutes or crazy driving schedules, the driver’s seat can actually become their home.  That’s when the convenience of these Original BMW Accessories really kicks into gear.


There’s nothing like the feeling of owning a BMW.  Here’s your chance to protect your investment.  If you use your BMW often , your floors, seats, exterior paint and other surfaces will see their share of the elements, from bug swarms to spills to carpools.  Fear not, Original BMW Accessories can help you take care of  the surfaces of your BMW and help protect it from whatever the road throws your way.


Were you drawn to your BMW  because of it’s refined style?  Or was there was something more? Like maybe  a desire for  exhilaration you can only get from superior performance.  BMW Performance Accessories are made to satisfy just that.  BMW Performance Accessories have a full  line of chassis, powertrain, interior and aerodynamic components designed by BMW engineers-with inspiration and expertise straight from the track.



Put your life in perfect harmony with BMW technology.  Your BMW is already one of the most technologically advanced automobiles on the market.  Electronics from Original BMW Accessories help you connect that innovation to your life with entertainment, navigation and security options.  With the technology that BMW provides you can always be on the same “wavelength” as your vehicle.




Please visit our Peterson BMW of Boise Accessory page to personalize your BMW today.  Our process is simple.  Parts and accessories can be ordered and received within just days or overnight if you just can’t wait!  If you have any questions please feel free to call us at 888.295.8415 or come by and visit at 9109 W. Fairview Ave.  in Boise, Idaho.





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