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BMW X1 February 2018

BMW X1–Endless Excitement

It’s compact yet spacious. Refined yet sporty. And the new BMW X1 is the perfect balance of thrills with peace of mind wrapped up in one Sport Activity Vehicle. Whether bounding down a country road or taking on the city streets, the X1 has your back. And right now, is the best time to buy […]

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BMW X1-Front

The All-New 2016 X1

Speaking of all-new…The new 2016 is here. Some liken it to the X5 which is one of BMW’s hottest SAV’s. Car and Driver likes the new 2016 X1 too, “….the X1 performs surprisingly well off-road. It’ll go up inclines you wouldn’t dream about tackling with a car of this type, and it should have no […]

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2013 BMW X1

It’s Finally Here! The BMW X1 has been available in Germany and been successful.  This year the  2013 BMW X1 made its way to the states and just recently, it  landed right here at Peterson BMW of Boise.  The X1 is a magnificent combination of a “car-as-truck-as-SUV-as-wagon-as-city-vehicle category”.  It has been said that the X1 […]

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