Charcuterie (pronounced shahr-koo-tuhree) and cheese boards are the perfect no stress, super chill way to entertaining. Let this be one of your go to simple summer no-fuss party snacks!

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  • Step 1: Find the right boards to build your platters. Large cutting boards, marble slabs, slate boards or ceramic platters are great options.
  • Step 2: Choose a variety of cured meats and salami.
  • Step 3: Use a variety of soft and hard cheese options with varying milk types and color such a Brie, Havarti, Gouda, Hot Pepper, Mozzarella, Provolone, Blue Cheese, etc.
  • Step 4: Add some cured olives and colorful antipasti. 
  • Step 5: Add a few spreads, jams and mustard’s with with a variety of crackers and bread sticks. 
  • Step 6: Mix in a colorful variety of fresh and dried fruit such as grapes, berries, dried apricots, and dried banana chips.
  • Step 7: Use a variety of nuts, mix them up! Pistachios, and pecans are also great.
  • Step 8: And for some finishing touches, add some fresh herb sprigs such as mint or rosemary.
  • Step 9: Most importantly, artfully arrange them and have fun making it!

There’s really not set way to make these, just be creative and you will surely impress your guests!

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