Don’t Text and Drive

Peterson BMW of Boise joins BMW of North America in the national  DON’T TXT & DRIVE Campaign.  Early this summer a campaign was launched to raise awareness of the dangers of distracted driving.  Everyone knows the dangers of drinking and driving, what BMW would like drivers to realize is that texting while driving is just as dangerous.  In BMW’s research almost half of all adults admit to texting while driving.  It is an issue that is growing and has the ability to make an impact on all of us.


  • U.S. Department of Transportation statistics show nearly 5.500 people died in crashes in 2009 involving a distracted driver
  •  the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found 87 percent of teen drivers admit to texting while behind the wheel

According to U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray La Hood:

Distracted driving is an epidemic in America, and it has deadly consequences for thousands of people on our roads each year. Putting a stop to these needless deaths, as well as hundreds of thousands of injuries, will require everyone to take personal responsibility for safe driving. I am grateful to BMW for their efforts to raise public awareness about distracted driving and for urging drivers to put down their phones and focus on the road. I hope that other automakers will follow their lead.”

Since BMW is a leader in technology, they have committed to develop systems that enhance safety and convenience while trying to eliminate distraction.  At Peterson BMW of Boise we are committed to this cause.  If you would like to look at the safety features that a BMW has, we invite you to stop by Peterson BMW of Boise at 9109 W. Fairview Ave. Boise, Idaho.


BMW has a few ways to keep your attention on the road while driving:

  • Turn your phone off before you turn your car on.
  • Can’t resist the sight of your cell? Put it in your trunk or some place where you won’t be able to reach it while driving.
  • When taking longer trips, let friends, family and co-workers know you’ll be out of touch with an email or even through one of your social networks.
  • Use advanced car technologies to safely communicate and navigate while you’re traveling. In BMWs that includes text to speech, blue tooth connectivity, my info and more.

BMW “Overprotective” – Don’t Text and Drive

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