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iDrive…Keeping Track of the Important Things

BMW has always built intelligent vehicles featuring some of the  most advanced automotive engineering. Now, with the addition of BMW iDrive, plain smart just got smarter.  The iDrive allows you to have top-notch technology while keeping you free to concentrate on the road. Make  calls, plan your travel routes, choose your music, find places to stop—do it all with a single control.

The iDrive is simple.  It uses a controller located at hand level with the gear shift.  This simple controller allows you complete access to your vehicles main interior functions.  The BMW iDrive is even connected to your car’s onboard diagnostic systems, providing you with clear and detailed information on service-related issues.  In many models, voice control is also a feature of iDrive.
Use the iDrive toggle to select your desired function
  • radio
  •  telephone
  • entertainment
  •  navigation.

The iDrive system draws data via your BMW’s  external GPS antenna and displays it on the system’s glare-free screen, providing you with convenient, safe and secure information. The iDrive communication system can transfer up to 1,000 contacts into storage and if paired via Bluetooth.  Need directions?   The reliable iDrive navigation system will map a safe, practical route to bring you to almost any destination including any one of the 12.6 million searchable points of interest. And, should you ever need assistance ever arise , BMW Assist is available on select models, and will communicate your exact vehicle location and status to BMW service headquarters.

Depending on the options you choose, your iDrive may:
  • be capable of playing DVDs on the screen (both on the available rear entertainment system screens or the front screen if the car is parked)
  •  connecting to your iPod or MP3 player, or providing you with HD Radio and Satellite radio.
Learn more about BMW iDrive at BMW USA for a hands-on experience contact Peterson BMW of Boise .
9109 W. Fairview Ave.
Boise, Idaho 83704

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