Hacks for a Better Summer

Summer is here!  Here a couple of things we thought would make your summer a little easier. We especially like #1 and #3. What do you think?



Smore1. Smores on a rake. Brilliant! We especially like the way they changed it up with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.



2.  Out of charcoal? Use Doritos. This one worries us a little bit, just what is in a Dorito that makes you able to use it for charcoal?


condiment trayFGGUTFVHJKBVV5B.MEDIUM3. Planning a BBQ this summer? Instead of just setting out the condiments, try putting them in a muffin tin.


Chip BagFCFFOB7HJKBVV4H.MEDIUM4. Impress your friends at your next party by taking a bag of chips and turning it into a party bowl.



5. Are you headed to the water park and don’t want to rent a locker? Here’s a tip, hide your valuables in an empty container.








Life Hack pictures and content can be found here and here.


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