Have you Seen This BMW Around Town?

This is Ray Seller and his 1957 BMW Isetta. It is rare to see a car like this in the United States, let alone Idaho! Ray says that whenever he goes somewhere people love to look at his car.  This “bubble car” runs on a 300 cc, 1 cylinder engine and gets 40 miles per gallon.

  • The Isetta, a microcar, was born in Italy and was one of the first so-called “bubble cars” of the 1950s.
  • The parent company, ISO, built refrigerators, scooters and small, three-wheeled trucks. The Isetta was designed in 1952; the name means “Little ISO.”
  • BMW, struggling to sell luxury cars after Germany’s defeat in World War II, bought the rights to the Isetta in 1955 as a way to get into the affordable car market.
  • To get into the three-wheeled, chain-driven car, the entire front of the cab — windshield and U-joint mounted steering wheel included — swings out.



KBOI2’s Chief Meteorologist, Roland Steadham, recently took this car for cruise, watch as you go along for the ride.




Source for  1957 Isetta Facts: Mcall 


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