Is A BMW Diesel Right For You?

When visiting Peterson BMW of Boise you may notice the small letter ‘d’ in the BMW model name.  The small ‘d’  stands for a diesel engine.

Diesel Options at Peterson BMW of Boise:

The BMW 335d is a perfect mix of sportiness and  performance.  The 3-series diesel is a clean, fuel efficient car that is not only the most powerful but the cleanest in its class.

Peterson BMW of Boise offers a SUV diesel option which is the  X5  xDrive35d.  The X5 xDrive35d is a fuel-efficient SUV that does not sacrifice performance. best describes the diesel engine:

The diesel engine transforms the chemical energy contained in diesel into mechanical energy. While petrol engines compress a mixture of air and fuel and ignite it with a spark plug (externally-supplied ignition), diesel engines first compress pure air, which causes it to heat up. The fuel is later injected directly into the combustion chamber and ignites itself (self ignition). The direct injection with common rail technology enables the precise control of the ignition process, an even increase in pressure and the targeted burning of remaining soot particles by post injections. This minimizes burning noises, makes running smoother and reduces emissions.

The high compression ratio and pressure deliver generous torque even at low speeds and ensure efficient fuel combustion and thus lower consumption. Modern turbo technologies like the two-stage charging in the Variable Twin Turbo also increase the spontaneous power delivery and, in combination with modern automatic transmissions, minimize the response delay at low speeds. Thus BMW diesel engines combine the typical BMW dynamics and sportiness with smooth and refined running, low consumption and excellent acoustics.


The Peterson BMW sales staff  is a great source of information when it comes to the diesel engine.  They will be able to help you decide whether or not this is the best choice for you.  Please contact them by calling 208.378.5980 or online.


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