Peterson Motors-One of Idaho’s Top 75 Private Companies

Every year the Idaho Statesman names the 75 top private companies in Idaho.  These companies have been able to ride out the effects of a slow economy by investing in the community to help speed up the recovery.   Peterson Motors is honored to be one of these businesses.  Here at Peterson BMW we have a “Grassroots” story to tell backed up by over 75 years of service in the Treasure Valley area.  In the day and age of large and ever expanding corporations we remain one of the few locally owned dealerships in our relatively small valley.  To a locally born resident we have the ability in many instances to continue business relationships that go back 3 generations.  For residents that have recently moved to our valley we offer the stability and consistency of time tested business dealings.  The Peterson motto ”The House That Service Built”, started in 1928, carries as much weight with this new generation who value seamless, hassle-free business experiences.  From several new car lines to choose from under one roof, to parts and service open 6 days a week, to a full service Body Shop, Peterson BMW can indeed offer excellent service to the Treasure Valley.

From the Idaho’s Statesman’s Private 75 the 2011 Edition:

Mark Peterson, CEO of Peterson Motors responded:

What are a few business decisions your company has made that have had the most significant impact on positive growth or sustainability of your company?

1.We decided to stick to what we know (the car business) rather than branching out into other types of business that seemed attractive, but with which we weren’t experienced.
2.We diversified and balanced our business model by representing Franchises from the strongest of the different global automotive markets (Japan, Germany, U.S. and now Italy).
3.We based our decisions on long term success and a positive reputation often sacrificing unsustainable short term profit opportunities.

As the CEO of one of Idaho’s privately held companies, what do you attribute your personal business success to?  What are the main factors that enabled you to obtain your position?

I am the beneficiary of the wise decisions and honorable business methods of those who came before me in our family Automobile business. Namely my Father and Grandfather, who started our company in 1928.  The model they set in place still works today; relationship building, selling and service, based on strong customer satisfaction, and maintaining a strong capital position to take advantage of common sense growth opportunities consistent with our business model that is now successfully taking us into our 4th generation in the Treasure Valley.

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