Total Solar Eclipse in Idaho: What you Should Know

On August 21,2017, a natural wonder will take place. There will be an eclipse of the sun, which will turn daytime into night while the sun’s corona still blazes in the sky. The are many Idaho towns that will lie in the eclipses central path. Idaho is said to be an amazing viewing location due to its consistent good weather for this time period.  With Idaho being located in the eclipses’s path, communities are anticipating huge crowds. Experts are estimating up to 20,000 people per community. If you are considering going out to see this phenomenon, make plans NOW.




*First total eclipse on American soil since 1991

*First on the mainland since 1979

*First to sweep across the entire country since 1918


Path of the Eclipse



Important Note:

YOU CANNOT LOOK AT THE SUN WITHOUT SPECIAL GLASSES.  This is not a joke,  you will go blind. For your viewing pleasure, pick up a pair of these fancy specs designed for this event. Order early, you don’t want to miss out!

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Eclipse References:


Total Solar Eclipse 2017

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